43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿

43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿

43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿

【产品型号】: 43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿

【显著优势】: 安全提示:1.穿戴合格的劳保服装;2.确保刀具正确安装固定; 3.不可用金属物品敲击刀具,以防损坏合金。4. 小心拆卸工具。5.机器工作时,不要站在机器后方

【应用领域】: 根据工作环境恶劣程度,我们在截齿合金头直径、刀体几何形状及刀柄尺寸做了相应配套。在不同地质条件下推荐您使用合适的截齿。
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43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿产品介绍

43mm / 35mm 齿柄的镐型截齿详细参数

1.Product introduction
The E-SCAN automatic emulsion on-line monitoring and matching system can achieve the real-time monitoring of the emulsion concentration and PH value in the export of emulsion pump station, and can also control the concentration, so that it can ensure the emulsion concentration remained between 3% and 5% in the emulsion box. It solves the problems of artificial emulsion mixing inaccuracy and poor management in current industry, which can ensure the normal operation of the fully mechanized mining units.
The rationality and stability of the emulsion ratio is beneficial to the maintenance and service of the equipment, such as the hydraulic support, etc. It can also reduce the material consumption.    
2.System composition
Control system
The control system takes the KXJ127 mine Exd [ib] IMb control box as the core, which is mainly composed of controller, displayer, general signal collector, bus-isolator, Exib IMb power supply, switching power supply and operation keyboard, etc. It can real-time collect the sensors’ signal and display their status, real-time monitor and control the motors running. The control box has two modes, the manual and automatic type, it also has the automatic ratio of the emulsion concentration and fault diagnosis functions.
Emulsion monitoring sensor
The GND10/14 mine flameproof emulsion concentration PH sensors can monitor the parameters, such as the emulsion concentration, emulsion pH and other parameters on-line, and can also transfer the parameters to the control unit. The electrical equipment in the sensors includes a concentration sensor, a PH value sensor.
Cleaning system of the sensor:
Due to the long-term use of emulsion, it will adhere to a layer of oil film on the wall of the tank or others. If there is too much oil film, it will be attached to the sensor lens, which would affect the accuracy of the concentration sensor. Our company is specially equipped the cleaning box and other cleaning device for the concentration sensor, and the control system will finish the cleaning according to the pollution situation of the sensor lens.
Oil tank components:
The upper part of the tank is equipped with liquid sensor installation position, an air filter, an oil suction filter and a motor base, etc. It is the base part of the whole system; there is reinforcing rib inside of it to prevent the tank deformation.
3.Main technical indicators and parameters

Detection range of the emulsion concentration 0-20%
Detection precision of the emulsion concentration 1.5%FS
The ration of the flow 35-120L/min
Matching way Automatic matching
Detection mode On-line real-time detection
Input voltage Motor:660/1140 VAC,control voltage 127VAC
Total Power <6 KW
Oil tank capacity 800L、1500L
Domestic and imported configuration, AB type
Coal mine safety form Exd I Mb
Detection range of emulsion PH 1-14PH
Detection precision of the emulsion PH ±1PH
4. Equipment selection
TIANHE Company designs two types of automatic emulsion on-line monitoring and matching system for different clients according to the market research.
The configuration is as follows:
Oil tank Rust-proof treatment of carbon steel structure Stainless steel tank (201)
Concentration Sensor Domestic Imported
Cleaning system none High pressure cleaning
Proportioning Pump Domestic Imported
5. Application places and advantages.
E-SCAN automatic emulsion on-line monitoring and matching system, which is mainly used in the emulsion concentration ratio of the emulsion pump station in the crossheading of the fully mechanized coal mining face. It solves the series of effects that caused by the inaccuracy and delay of the manual hand matching. It can also been used in the solution of liquid-matching system in the pharmaceutical and sugar industry.
Intelligent: automatic matching and online monitoring, unattended;
High configuration: Key components are all using the well-known brand at home and broad, high reliability and long lifespan.
Economical efficiency: It can solve the problem of real-time online monitoring of the water quality and emulsion parameters, which is easy to record the analysis the trouble, clear responsibility, high accuracy of automatic matching. It can fully solve the problem of precision deficiency and poor management of the artificial matching; reduce the failure rate, maintenance time and cost of the hydraulic components.

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